Probiotic Giveaway

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You may have heard on various television adverts about ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria, but do you really know what this is? Probiotics are this particuar type of bacteria and are essential to our bodies health and well-being. There are over 1000 strains of bacteria in our bodies and each microorganism plays an important role in the regulation and response of our immune system. Live good bacteria and yeasts are particularly beneficial to our health and […]

October Favourites

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Morning! So, October felt like it flew by, I almost don’t feel like I lived through all 31 days of it! I have made a monthly favourites list of various bits and bobs I have loved during October. Pukka Organic Three Mint Tea A delicious and invigorating blend of spearmint, fieldmint and peppermint leaves all bound inside an organic tea bag. I have been drinking this tea every evening and it feels like a minty […]