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My 2015 Beauty Calendar – January

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You may remember at the end of last November I wrote a blog post all about beauty advent calendars. There were some real treasures out there to purchase for the countdown to Christmas, but this time I wasn’t able to buy one. I was saving any money I had for medication and an advent calendar of this type is definitely a luxury and not a necessity. As the new year began I received a surprise […]

Battle of the Balms

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I have always been a bit lip balm obsessed, thinking back to my school days you would always find one in my blazer pocket or stuffed into my pencil case. Even now I feel the need to try out the latest balms and in every flavour or scent! They are definitely an essential and I usually have at least two in my handbag at a time! I always seem to have dry lips, regardless of wether it […]

Probiotic Giveaway

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You may have heard on various television adverts about ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria, but do you really know what this is? Probiotics are this particuar type of bacteria and are essential to our bodies health and well-being. There are over 1000 strains of bacteria in our bodies and each microorganism plays an important role in the regulation and response of our immune system. Live good bacteria and yeasts are particularly beneficial to our health and […]

Cocoa & Coconut Truffles

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Yesterday I had a real craving for something sweet and nothing seemed to hit the spot. I began with a google search and a rummage through my cupboards and discovered that I had just the right ingredients to mix up a healthier alternative to many of the sweet treats available on the shop shelves. This recipe is gluten free, grain free, dairy free and suitable for anyone following the GAPS diet, which is known for […]

New Month, New Year… Hello 2015!

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So this ‘new month, new year’ post is slightly later than intended due to another hiccup in my Lyme Disease fight…My brain and body felt like it had been stamped on by a herd of elephants so I gave in and did the sensible and much needed rest/hibernation thing! On a positive, today does feels like a brighter and less painful day so I am taking full advantage to jump back on the blogging bandwagon. […]

‘Lush’ filled baths for December

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Northern Lights – Bath Bomb – £3.50 ‘Bath time spectacle’ – Lush As this vibrant purple bar hits the water it creates an explosion of colour in your bath tub. You’ll also be soaking amongst little tiny silver stars as well as the relaxing scents of jasmine and ylang-ylang. This bath bomb can easily be broken up, so you can get more than one relaxing bath out of this bar. I was really suprised at how […]

Soap and Glory Christmas Box Set 2014

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For all you Soap and Glory fans out there… That wonderful time has come!! You can now get your hands on the Christmas edition box of products which is on sale in Boots stores and online. This box set is the literally ‘The next Best thing’, and is full of gorgeously indulgent products to make you feel pampered from head to toe now and well into 2015. This all comes beautifully boxed in two designs, […]

Winter Survival Kit!

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Beauty / Health / Lifestyle

I have put together a list of some winter essentials, all of which I won’t be without! 1.Invisible Gel Cushions It is most likely that those feet of yours are going to get a tough time during December. This festive holiday brings extra events to your social calendar and that can mean night after night in those heeled shoes. Scholl do some great cushions called Party feet. I have previously tried and tested these and […]

Christmas Jumpers

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Charity / Christmas / Lifestyle

Yesterday many of you across the land joined in with the official Christmas jumper day. I am sure many people out there just jumped on the bandwagon and saw this as brilliant excuse to dress up in some festive attire, (and this is ok) but there was also a deeper meaning to this dress-up-day. Save the Children decided to head their Christmas campaign by spreading the jumper joy! Children and adults across the UK donned […]