My 2015 Beauty Calendar – January

You may remember at the end of last November I wrote a blog post all about beauty advent calendars. There were some real treasures out there to purchase for the countdown to Christmas, but this time I wasn’t able to buy one. I was saving any money I had for medication and an advent calendar of this type is definitely a luxury and not a necessity.

As the new year began I received a surprise box in the post from a lovely friend of mine, and guess what one of the items was… A beauty advent calendar. I was totally over excited and found myself staring longingly at the shiny purple and turquoise box full of beauty goodness! Then the thought ran through my head, advent is another 11 months away and there is no way that I have the self control to keep this beaut un-touched for all that time.


So, I have decided to use this in a sightly different format to the traditional advent calendar countdown, and I will be using it as a monthly treat throughout 2015 instead. There is 12 windows/doors to open so it is perfect.


I have now opened door No.1 and revealed my first beauty treat. Its a Deluxe LipSurgence Lip Creme. This is a tinted crayon style lipstick in the colour ‘Wishful’. Its a blend of nude and pink tones and is a great shade to wear both day and night.



Colour swatch of tarte LipSurgence 'wishful'.
Colour swatch of tarte LipSurgence ‘wishful’.

This lip tint has a subtle minty scent, which I find really refreshing. When wearing this it feels like a combination between a lipstick, balm and gloss, so for sure it is a really useful product all round. This is the first time I have ever tried a product from the brand ‘tarte’, and its got me all excited to try more. I can’t wait to open door No.2.

Don’t forget to pop back to see what Februarys petite treat is from this ’12 days of tart deluxe collection’.

Hope you have all had a fab January, Chantelle x


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  1. helennorwood2014 says:

    I remember the advent calendar post. That one looks lovely and it’s crazy to be expected to wait until next Christmas, treating yourself each month sounds much better 🙂


    1. I know right! I have been known to have will-power but to wait that long, I just couldn’t! Thanks for reading Cx


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