Battle of the Balms

I have always been a bit lip balm obsessed, thinking back to my school days you would always find one in my blazer pocket or stuffed into my pencil case. Even now I feel the need to try out the latest balms and in every flavour or scent! They are definitely an essential and I usually have at least two in my handbag at a time! I always seem to have dry lips, regardless of wether it be in the summer or winter months, probably because I talk so much! Although dry and chapped patches are annoying and can be sore at times, its nothing that a decent lip balm can’t fix in a flash.

I have compiled a list of some of my favourites for you to check out…


Nivea Hydro Care
I picked this up one day in my weekly grocery shop and this is by far the most hydrating from the Nivea range. It is enriched with pure water and aloe vera which provides a lasting moisture. I would suggest keeping this away from heat in the summer months though, as it seems to melt fairly quickly.


Carmex has always been the trusty reliable balm, as its so hydrating and soothing. Its also contains an SPF15 which is always a bonus. I own this in the tube, stick and pot version, I simply can’t get enough of it! It smells quite medicated and leaves my lips feeling slightly tingly, and never fails to moisturise to the max.


Zuzka Natural Beauty Manuka Balm
This balm is from Zuzka, a natural cosmetics brand, which utilises many organic herbs and flowers within their products. This multi purpose balm contains Manuka honey which has antiseptic healing properties. It is one I have been reaching for this winter since I was gifted this by the founder of the Zuzka beauty company, Susan Kohutova. This moisture rich balm really does work wonders and I use this not only on my lips but also regularly on my any inflamed blemishes too.


Neal’s Yard Busy Bee Balm
This is a multi purpose little tin of balm, which is free from parabens and petroleum. It can be used on lips, elbows, cuticles and other dry patches. This is 99% organic and made with a combination of beeswax, cocoa butter and the sweet but subtle scents of orange peel oil.


Vaseline Rosy Lips
Vaesline is a classic, its been around for years but still remains a favourite of mine. This Rosy Lips version is slightly tinted with a hint of pink and is great if you want something a little more noticeable but not as colourful as lipstick. It contains rose and almond oil, smells yummy and is so girly too being pink. I also found a mini version of this when I was in USA, you can never go wrong with a product thats compact and cute!


L’Occitane Baume Levres
This is a really rich formula from French beauty brand L’Occitane. It leaves a gorgeous sheen on the lips, almost like it is half way between a gloss and balm. This makes it great for a more statement look, but at the same time still natural. It can also add a real high shine when layered on top of your favourite lipstick. I think the Shea Butter in this really helps to lock in moisture and really protects too.


Blistex Moisture Max
This lip balm tube is labelled as ‘super-hydrating’ and it really does live up to this. This contains tiny beads of aloe and cocoa butter and the soft pearls disperse when gently rubbing your lips together after application. I like to use this at night as I feel like it really is long lasting hydration.


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
This is a much more expensive balm in comparison to the rest of the mentioned items. It does come in a 50ml tube though, so lasts for what seems like a lifetime! I have already had this tube over two years! It is really soothing and is a relief when used on areas such as cracked/chapped lips, and also on sunburn or minor abrasions. It does have a strong scent which I really like about this product, but I can imagine it is not for everyone.


Although I have probably tried and tested enough balms to last me a lifetime, there are still plenty out there that I have my eye on! It seems to be a particular type of product which is ever growing on our drugstore shelves and most are really affordable as well. Next on my list to try out is the EOS lip balm brand and some of the Dr.Organic range too. I am also keen to gather my newly acquired essential oils and have a crack at creating my own balm, so watch this space!

Thanks for reading – Now quick, go and apply your favourite lip balm, you know you want to!

Chantelle x


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  1. lampwick says:

    My daughter Katie is OBSESSED with lip balms! After tidying her room we collected 22 of them. She loves the EOS lipbalms (especially since so many famous people use it) and she also has every flavour from fruity ones through to coke and sprite! Even though she has this many, she still loves it when we make our own!! Sometimes she even asks me to put a bit of lipstick into the melt so that the lip balm has a little sheen of colour to it. Can’t wait to see how yours turn out hon! Love Laurs xx


    1. Ooh never thought about adding a bit of lipstick to get a tint…fab idea. I will def give it a go and be sure to write a post when I get creative in the lip balm department. I maybe calling on you and your daughter for tips. 😉 Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hannah Woodhouse says:

    Have you tried the Korres Lip butter in guava, amazing smell and leaves your lips soft and moisturised!
    Just in case you need to feed your habit!


  3. Nope not yet Hannah…I better add that to the list (and Google it right away)! Cx


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