Motivational Monday… I believe in the magic of kindness.

I really believe that there can never be too much kindness or love in the world. Sometimes we have to lead by example, show gratitude and give generously. By being generous I don’t mean with materials, I mean with your support, loyalty and by having good morals… Be the change you wish to see.


Its so true that one kind word can change someones entire day. Perhaps you will forget the kind words you said today, but the recipient will most propably remember these forever.


Don’t get me wrong I am by no means perfect and of course I have said things in the past in anger that I regret – I am only human! I suppose I am looking at the bigger picture of life and realising that even small things like words have the power to both heal and destroy and I am far more aware of that now.


Todays motivation post is short, I didn’t feel the need to ramble on! I think the words in these quotes sort of speak for themselves and deep down we all know what is right and wrong.

I really hope your week is starting well, sending positive thoughts and good wishes to you all.

Chantelle Xx


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