Reviewing my empties!

Do you find you always run out of products in bulk!… A bunch of empty bottles, some which you feel have transformed your beauty routine and others leave you wondering why you bought them in the first place!
Here’s a review of my recent beauty empties. Chantelle x

‘Make a Difference, Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion’ – Origins

The Rose of Jericho and Cactus Extract along with skin-reviving Trehalose and Sea Haricots.
A unique, natural water-holding complex keeps skin happily hydrated from within and Oceanic Flora helps improve the appearance of damage done by UV and environmental exposure.

This product has lasted me approximately 6 months, so at a retail price of £18 it worked out fairly cost effective at £3 per month.

I always liked the idea of using a toner as part of my daily routine, but for a long time I was honestly just too lazy to commit! The fact I am turning 30 later this year was a massive wake-up call! You only get one face, so I thought I better up-my-game and look after it.

Origins toner

This product smells fab and leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I also feel confident it removes any of the days dirt/make-up that is not fully removed after cleansing. Compared with other toners I found that this didn’t dry my face out and actually helped the absorption of my moisturiser. At times I found this irritated my eyes, but only slightly and soon passed. This toner lotion is easily applied with a cotton pad, and soaks in instantly. I do feel like this product makes a difference to my skin and would like to buy another another.

‘Argon Oil from Morocco, Nourishing Shampoo’ – Lee Stafford

It contains many of the ingredients associated with repairing the hair and the creation of luxurious healthy hair. Help restore your hair’s optimum moisture balance and pantheons to promote shine. (Lee Stafford)

I personally like a good ‘lather’ from my shampoo and I struggled to get this without using a lot more of the product than I normally would. It feels like rubbing in a hair serum rather than a shampoo, so without that big foamy shampoo wig going on I just don’t feel like I was getting that deep clean. I did however feel like my hair was left very soft and was much less static and frizzy, even before getting the GHD’s on it.

Lee Stafford argon oil

This costs £10.99 for a 250ml bottle, which I think is really expensive for a high street spend, and I’m not convinced it’s totally worth that, but I would be intrigued to try other products form this range. I treated myself to this shampoo using up some Advantage Points on my Boots store card, which is ideal when items are a little more pricey. The Lee Stafford Range is currently on a 3 for £20 deal at Boots online and in store, so if you are going to try this out now is a good time. As Lee says “have fun, look wicked, smell BEAutiful”.

Beautiful Skin, Eye Make-Up Remover – No.7

This gentle dual action formula conditions while it cleanses, removing all traces of eye make-up even waterproof mascara. (No.7)

This products is suitable for all skin types, and clearly states it is hypo-allergenic, which is great, especially when it’s a product going on your face. This is a bright blue liquid which looks great in the bottle but unfortunately it’s not a product I enjoyed using.

No7 make up remover

The consistency of this product is so oily and and I instantly feel the need to scrub my face to remove the residue it leaves behind. I don’t think that this is very effective at removing make-up without repeatedly wiping with multiple cotton pads with lots of the liquid. As a result this 100ml bottle didn’t last long at all and would not be in a hurry to spend £7 to buy another. This is a shame as I rate highly so many of the No.7 make-up and beauty range and have always gone back for more.

Sit Tight Saddlebags+, Stubborn Area Serum – Soap & Glory

This product is advertised as a World Exclusive Targeted System! (Quite dramatic!) Skin looks smoother in 14 days. (Soap & Glory)

I would say my skin felt softer but not really the firming effect I was expecting, nor did it make a difference that was noticeable to the eye. I have always been a bit wary of the possibility of targeting small troublesome areas of the body, but with summer coming up I was keen to try something new.

Soap and Glory Sit Tight

Although storing the pack upside down as instructed on the packaging, the application of this wasn’t always easy. The gel is rubbed on with a roller head, and I struggled to get an even application with this method. Not only did the roller constantly pinch the skin, it also kept detaching itself from the bottle! Once the formula starts to activate it creates a heating/cooling sensation and I quite liked this and I physically felt like the product was working its magic, even if I couldn’t see the results. This has a strong medicated smell and a takes a while to soak in, leaving a slightly sticky residue. I always found it easier to to use in the evening rather than as part of my morning routing, when after I would be trying to pull on a pair of skinny jeans!

This product retails at £16.50 and I used a gift card from my birthday to buy this. Based on my experience and the price of this serum, I wouldn’t recommend it. I can achieve the soft skin effect with a normal moisturiser and any sort of massage will help stimulate the area, but if I am honest this product isn’t for me.

… So, which of these products have you tried? Did you find they worked wonders and were worth every penny or you would rather leave these products out of your daily routine? Let me know in the comments below.

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