Coconut Oil…It’s Magic!

COCONUT OIL is all over our supermarket and health store shelves these days and there is ever-growing medical and scientific research which proves it has many health benefits and useful purposes. It is such a simple ingredient and I have compiled a list of ways that you could add this to your everyday routine. You can eat it, put it in your cosmetics cupboard and even add it to your tool box! I recommend buying an extra virgin, un-refined coconut oil as this will be of a higher quality and ensure its purity.

Food Supplement:

By adding coconut oil to your diet you can boost your brain function, lower blood cholesterol levels, increase energy and even burn fat. So what are you waiting for, don’t just stare at it eat it!

You can cook and bake with it, add it to your morning smoothie, and even spread it on your toast.

Try eating this to boost your immune system, especially over winter. This is a natural way of improving the body’s white blood cell count, and as a result can help to prevent and kill bacteria and viruses.


Beauty Tips:

Smoother this into your whole body to moisturise you skin from head to toe. This acts as an enriching body butter and doesn’t take very long to soak in and work its magic. Prior to this you could add some sugar to a scoop of oil and you have an instant body scrub. Not only are you saving your skin, but your saving some pennies too.

Fill a small empty tub and pop it in your handbag. Use this as a lip balm or for those dry patches like cuticles and elbows when your out and about.

Do you suffer from eczema? Try using this to calm down that irritating cycle of itching. It is also great at alleviating a dry flaky scalp, and soothing sunburn.

For those of you with children, coconut oil will work wonders on nappy rash and will help to soothe a toddlers teething pains too.

Oil Pulling:

You may have not come across this method, and it’s something I have been personally trying to do more often. It consists of putting a heaped spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around as you would a mouthwash, expect for a much longer time, approximately 20 minutes. Not going to lie, I had to work up to this time…I found it pretty difficult to keep quiet for 20 minutes! This method is known to draw toxins from inside the mouth so it’s important to know you DO NOT swallow the oil after this, or you will be ingesting these toxins.


I am a coffee drinker and am always aware of the inevitable staining of this addictive beverage! There are many whitening toothpaste and treatments on the market, but those are not without there own risks, especially increased sensitivity and wearing of tooth enamel. So if you want a set of pearly white nashers the natural way, try this for a few weeks. As well as whitening teeth you will also help prevents cavities, and bad breath.

Colds and the Flu are everywhere at this time of year, oil pulling will help to clear sinuses and help relieve headaches.

For those of you who like a cheeky drink or two…this method is even known to help with a hangover.

Man ‘Stuff’:

So there may not be many men reading my blog, but you never know?! So here are some handy hacks (life tips and tricks) for you.

Use coconut oil as an alternative to shaving foam, especially great if you have sensitive skin or run out of foam and have a face of unwanted fur, also known as stubble!

Put a little oil onto those squeaky door hinges at home, or rub into wooden furniture to condition the wood.

You can also use this oil to clean metal tools and to treat your leather goods.

I currently use the ‘TIANA’ brand which I bought from health store Holland & Barrett. The 500ml jar costs £16.55.

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